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Here is the site inventory for Culver City that was submitted to the HCD

Letter links see below
Arts District-East Culver
Blair Hills (Hillside Safety Overlay)
Blanco Park
Carlson Park-Park East to Vinton
Commercial Properties
Park East: Jasmine-Duquesne
Lindberg Park
Lower Crest 
McLaughlin (West of 405 to McLaughlin, Washington to Venice)
East of Elenda to Sepulveda 
Between Washington & Culver (near mosque)
Park West aka Vets Park to Sepulveda
Studio Estates
Studio Estates
Sunkist Park
Upper Crest (above Drakewood, Ranch to the East)
West Culver

There are letters for properties which are listed on the site inventory and for properties left off the site inventory. There are also site and non-site letters for the properties in the Hillside Safety Overlay zones in Upper Crest and Blair Hills.

Here's what you do:

Copy the correct letter, fill in the name, property address, and email

Email to Shawn Danino at HCD
BCC to

This is for properties on the site list (not hillsides)

This is for Blair Hills and Upper Crest

This is for properties not on the site list, where owners want to say they aren't redeleveloping either

This is for Blair HIlls and Upper Crest
which aren't on the site list

Want to send regular mail?
Department of Housing & Community Development
Housing Elements
2020 W. El Camino Ave, Suite 500
Sacramento, CA 95833
Attn: Shawn Danino

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