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College Myths

  • It's hard to get into a good college

  • Only prestigious schools are worth applying to

  • We can't afford college, public or private 

  • Colleges only choose the "best" students

  • The more selective a school, the better it is

  • I don't know what I want to study, I have to start at community college

  • Test scores are the most important factor in admissions

  • There are secret tricks to getting accepted

  • Best College lists are the best way to choose colleges

  • There is only one college for me to go to

  • We don't qualify for any financial aid or scholarships

  • If I got some low grades in high school I might as well forget about college and can only go to Community College

  • I blew it in 9th grade and failed a class or got a D, I'll never get into college

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