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Essay Video Presentations

These videos are ONLY for student clients of Get Smart for College, or if Get Smart sent you the link. Please do not share them with other people without permission.
If you are applying to the University of California schools as a freshman you will need to complete 4 Personal Insight Questions. You choose 4 questions out of the 8 offered 
Remember these are not English class essays. According to the UC presentation:

"Keep in mind, these are not essays. With only 350 words allowed per response, your PIQ
responses should be direct and literal. Focus on what information you are sharing in your
responses, not the style of your writing. Readers will not be evaluating these like a writing
sample. This is an important part of the UC application and the campus review, so be sure that
you are taking your time and using the available resources to maximize this section."

This is a four part video series. The videos are between 15-20 minutes each:

Lesson 1: What are they looking for?

Lesson 2: What do the prompts mean 1-4?







Lesson 3 Prompts 4-7







Lesson 4: Case Studies 

Personal Statement: Common Application

Google Drive Video location

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