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Jamie Wallace earned her College Counseling Certificate from UCLA Extension.  With a son recently graduated from college, Jamie has been diving deep into the depths of the college application process. Along the way she has discovered that there is a ton of stuff to learn, and that much of what we parents think we know is actually wrong. Don't listen to the gossip, don't listen to the parents of the kid who ended poverty in Haiti, successfully captured a unicorn, is a concert level French Horn Player, and has piloted his own plane around the world while saving the whales. 


There are thousands of colleges out there and it is true to say that for every student there are at least a dozen or more colleges which would be a perfect fit. Hang on to your hats, it is going to be a wild ride. Don't let Kaos control you!


  My Expertise


  • Certified Educational Consultant (AICEP)

  • UCLA  Extension Trained

  • Member of professional counseling associations:

  • Graduate of the UCs and lifelong California resident

  • Recovering attorney

  • Inveterate Volunteer

  • Usually pretty good at teaching people the facts amid the hysteria

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