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College Search

Searching to find the "right" college does not have to be an ordeal. There are over 2,200 four-year colleges and universities and nearly 2,000 two-year colleges in the United States. Add colleges in other countries and the numbers grow larger. 


The "right" college is a place where a student feels academically challenged, socially and intellecutally engaged. The right college is a place to thrive. 


College Search Step by Step:


Arranging college visits:

  • Probably the easiest thing to do. On the college website look for "Visit" or "Tour Information." check the calendar ​and make a reservation for the free tour. 

  • Don't have enough time to make a reservation, call the college and find out about walk-ons

  • Some schools offer fly in programs with financial aid for qualifying families. 


Curious about what should students be doing when? Check out the  Grade Level Tips

Includes tips for:

  • Senior Year

  • Junior Year

  • Freshman

  • Middle School

  • Elementary School (hint: have fun and don't stress!)

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