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Client Comments

I have been fortunate to work with wonderful students and wonderful families.  Just a little horn tooting is called for. Here are some comments about my services:

From Students:


Jamie has been beyond helpful and an excellent counselor throughout my college applications. From helping me with my essays, to brainstorming meetings, and guiding me through financial aid, Jamie was nothing but amazing. I truly believe I could not have done any of it without her help, and am so fortunate to have had her as my college counselor! - Daniella S.

From a pro bono student: "Wonderful, wonderful coach. Nothing short of amazing help from her end and completely supportive the whole way through. There are not enough words nor permutations in which they can be strung together to sing enough praises of the work she's done. The whole process has been a breeze with her guidance, up to and including deciding where to go in the end. Her responses were detailed and easy to understand and she helped set me up with other contacts when it was in her power. All in all, I am incredibly happy with the experience and with the work she's put in, and I am very pleased to have been paired with her." Victor H.

I cannot begin to thank you enough for your tremendous help with all of my college applications. I wrote a total of over 22 essays and could not have done it without you. I can honestly say that you've made me a better person throughout this process. Thank you!!! Ginger P

From Parents
Going through the process of college applications is daunting, both for the student and the parent.   And with our incredibly busy lives, I can not imagine tackling this process on my own.  Jamie Wallace helped us through every step of the process, from discovering new universities to guiding us through financial aid.  Jamie works primarily with the student, keeping them on track with deadlines and letters of recommendation, proofreading their essays, and giving advice and guidance whenever needed.  Through Jamie’s help, we discovered colleges and scholarships we would have never known to apply for.  My daughter had a lot of essays to write, Jamie has the integrity not to write the student essay, but with comments, suggestions, prods, and direction, she encourages the student to reveal their real self on paper. On top of it all, Jamie calms the nerves and keeps the journey fun and exciting, as it should be.  I can not recommend Jamie Wallace/ Get Smart for College highly enough! Holly G.

We hired Jamie Wallace to help our son through the college application process this year (2017-18) and she has been a godsend! Being newbies at this, we had no idea what we were doing or what to expect so were very apprehensive. Jamie met one on one with our son, getting to know him and building a trust, all of which proved to be invaluable when it came time for him to fill out applications and write the essays. She not only knew the ins and outs of “application speak” (which is either difficult to decipher or we were too nervous to make sense of it), she was incredible at giving constructive feedback on the essay questions. We found Jamie’s coaching on this to be thoughtful, insightful and incredibly positive; and we especially appreciated the way she encouraged our child to let his authentic personality shine through his writing. Throughout the process, Jamie could have been more calm and supportive, often taking frantic phone calls at odd hours and putting in many hours of work just to make sure we were hitting our deadlines. (Did I mention she has a sense of humor?) Between her deep well of knowledge on college admissions, her ace essay guidance and her advice on everything from scholarships to the SAT, Jamie offered us everything we were looking for at a much more reasonable price than other private college counselors we considered. It’s all part of her personal mission to make sure that each child finds a school that’s a great fit - and each parent remains grounded, informed and at ease. Carey Z.

Seminar Comments:
My wife, daughter, and I had the great fortune to attend Jamie Wallace’s Jump Start for Juniors seminar last weekend. Jamie does a great job of demystifying and myth busting the process for getting into college. Her approach is to calm everyone down and present the wide range of options for all students - no matter their academic standing or testing-taking abilities.

* She presents the information in a clear, easy-to-follow manner.

* She leaves you with plenty of resources to turn to.

We feel so much better and more at ease about the journey ahead. We highly recommend attending this seminar to anyone planning, considering, or just thinking about their Junior going to college.


Michael Engel - Dad and current CCHS PTSA President

Colleen Malone-Engel - Mom and school volunteer

Katy Engel - Student, CCHS Class of 2017

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