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Personal Philosophy

Applying for college, thinking about college, trying to figure out what college means --- these can all cause a huge amount of anxiety. 

You don't have to be anxious. Get information, become educated about what's really going on with college acceptance trends, be realistic.


My goal is to provide information, to dispel myths, to calm nerves, to empower students and parents so they can walk down the road to college without freaking out (too much).


There are no stupid questions. If you don't know what a WUE, FAFSA, a-g requirement, Early Decision, gap year, or whether you can study science at a liberal arts college --- don't be afraid to ask. You'll get the hang of the acronyms, you'll become familiar with the jargon. When in doubt ask. 

Some of us went to college a few (okay several) decades ago. Things have changed, this is not the college process of our youth. Some went to colleges a little more recently. Remember that every student is an individual. What you loved, hated, thrived on, or got bored with in college is not necessarily the same as for your student.


Take time to breathe, to smell the flowers, to stomp in the occasional puddle. You will get through this. There are many roads to a successful post-high school existence. Try not to let it overtake your life. Keep college talk to one or two days a week, the others are "college" free and your teen is allowed to shoot you "that" look or roll their eyes. 


Despite what others say, what college you go to is much less important than what you do when you get there.


Remember, only 50 or so colleges are so freakishly exclusive that barely 20% of applicants get in. The rest, the other 2,450 (4 year non-profit colleges) are out there waiting to be discovered.


My job is to help students and families negotiate the rapids, create a great list of options, apply to them, then make choices about where to go. If you want some help, let me know.


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