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What to do while waiting to hear...

College Acceptances are coming…now what?

Break out the chocolate and balloons, college acceptance letters are trickling in. A large number of schools send out admission responses in February and March. The admissions officers at colleges around the nation are feverishly reading applications, essays, and letters. They are pouring over every nuance trying to put together a great freshman class. Some won’t get there until April. Then there is May 1st. D Day, Decision Day, Deposit Day. This is the day when students decide which college they wish to attend. Yikes, that’s a lot to get ready for.

Students pace ruts in the carpet; parents feel powerless. Gee, sounds like a great time of year! Hang in there seniors. Here are some tips on surviving:

Think Positive

Your friend heard from her first school and you haven’t. Time to panic? No. Take a breath, most admissions officers going through stacks and stacks of admissions notify students as they make a decision. Even students in the same school will hear at different times. It could be that you are applying for engineering and your pal is applying to medieval history or biology. They may have different timelines. Also remember that you applied to a different group of schools. Just because you haven’t heard do not assume anything!

Keep your hopes up, but be realistic

Prepare for the worst. If you have been smart about selecting colleges, then this won’t be too bad. Your college list should include a range of schools, but every one of them should be a school you would like to attend. So you didn’t get into your top two, as long as the rest are a good fit it isn’t the end of the world as you know it. Life ain’t over because you didn’t get into IReallyWannaGoThere University. Your list should have schools that you are very likely to get into considering your grades and other wonderful attributes. If your list didn’t, again, not the end of the world. There are some terrific schools out there that have openings after all of the dust settles.

Something to keep in mind, according to government researchers 75% of students are accepted by their first choice schools. Hmm…

DO NOT call the admissions office

Calling the admissions office in the midst of decision time is like poking a rattlesnake. They are swamped and working as fast as they can. Admissions officers are deluged by larger number of applications each year. Don’t harass them! You will only irritate them, and waste their time replying to your panicked phone calls. Try meditation, or chocolate. Ohm…let the chocolate melt on your tongue, ohm…let the sweetness tantalize your taste buds…ohm….

Check the web (but not every five minutes)

Most schools have savvy computer thingies that allow you to track your application status. Use the tools that Microsoft and Apple gave you. Check to make sure all of the materials required for your application have arrived (do that soon after application).

Try not to drive your friends, and family, crazy

Don’t take your frustrations out on everyone around you, especially not other seniors. They can’t control the admissions process. Your parents who have done all sorts of wonderful and helpful things in the past are just as anxious as you are.

Be kind and considerate to your classmates. If you hear good news, share it quietly, no touchdown dances and backflips. Not everyone has heard. Tell your family and celebrate with abandon, but make sure you are aware that others have not been so fortunate.

Get back into the senior groove and graduate

The worst thing a student can do is get the acceptance letter and decide to goof off for the rest of the year. If you fail a class or get below a certain grade your college will snatch that acceptance back. Don’t decide to push the envelope and get in trouble at school. The colleges are still watching, and they can drop you like the proverbial hot potato.

Focus on the future

Make sure you know all there is to know about the schools you have applied to. You may find out that the school 6th on your list is really the best fit. Make sure you and your parents fill out and file the FAFSA and other forms for financial aid. Remember, some colleges won’t grant merit aid if they have not seen your FAFSA

Last tip:


So, Get Smart:

Think positive

Keep your hopes up, but be realistic

Don’t call the admissions office

Check your application status on the web

Try not to drive everyone crazy

Get your senior graduation groove going

Look forward, the future is out there waiting for you

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